Best Paper for Copic Markers Review

Copic Blending Card manufactured by 'X-Press It' is one of the best selling papers for Copic markers available in the current market. This is because my colleagues and I have discovered that most market illustrators love using this product for professional and leisure creations. X-Press It Blending Card is the most preferred because it is perfect for handling the Copic marker, as well as other markers that release alcohol-based inks. My fellow architects, fellow artists and fashion designers friends expressed that they had a really fantastic experience with these glossy white sheets of paper.

In my opinion, this product is very reliable for its incredible performance in the maintenance of a high quality visual work. I discovered that the Copic documents fulfilled their promise when I took them to my 3 month art class. The sheets of paper were silky, which made it the ideal surface to apply Copic markers. It has an excellent performance for its design, since it is designed to be paperboard. He also maintained his high performance during the card creation sessions.

Some of my colleagues who are comic artists reported that the ink does not bleed through the paper and mixes quite well. However, from a professional point of view, these artists often have to do some intense mixing. They claimed that the documents do not allow for such heavy blending and bleed after crossing a certain saturation level point. After testing, they discovered that paper can handle 15 layers of saturation. Therefore, I believe that this document is highly recommended for standard semi-professional or leisure work.


Copic Marker Express Blending Card is one of the best papers for Copic markers present in the current market. This product offers a high quality performance to all those with creative features. The users of the market, as well as my creative work colleagues, and I appreciate the support that this product offers with the final perspective produced. The most praiseworthy feature of this product is that it keeps the colors of the ink vibrant.

My co-workers and I really admire the super silky texture of the surface of the papers. This is the main reason why the ink remains so bright and attractive to the eyes. In addition, my work colleagues and artistic friends described that the extraordinary silky texture also contributes to the reason why the inks can be combined so well. They stated that it combines better than most of its competitors. They also discovered that the strokes were easier to perform compared to other competing brands for the same reason. They explained that the ultra-silky, ultra-smooth surface of the papers allows the quick-drying alcohol-based ink to remain a little damp for a while so the ink can be reworked and mixed according to your preferences.

Some of my co-workers were a little disappointed with the color tone of the ink after its application on paper. One of them mentioned that a bluish / grayish hue came later. One of them also reported that he did not seem to deform properly.


Alcohol Marker Pad from Copic Markers is one of the most prestigious items for Copic markers. My colleagues and I agree with their users within the market in that it offers excellent performance. We particularly appreciate the brightness of the ink colors that were used as well as its high resistance to ink leakage.

We have found that the papers are the most resistant to bleeding compared to all the other brands we tested previously. They were thin and light, which makes them comfortable to use. The ink colors improved greatly after coming into contact with the paper that seemed to glorify the work more, according to our perception. A suggestion from one of my colleagues, even, is to use the document with care since only one side is appropriate to be used by the Copic markers.
Best Paper for Copic Markers Review